Verslag bezoek Stirling Airsoft - Operation Darkfire

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Verslag bezoek Stirling Airsoft - Operation Darkfire

Berichtdoor Meppie » wo 03 mei 2017, 09:23

Stirling Catterick – Operation Darkfire

No Caerwent but it has become Catterick for our next game at Stirling Airsoft. Different planning and booking a ferry and going to visit our friends from Platoon Stores in Rochester. We took an early ferry at 0600 – something we kind of regretted later on. But we went to Rochester and had some fun at Platoon stores – bought some nice items and dropped of some Dutch goodies. As an extra we also met Paul from ASG who happened to be in the shop as well. The end result was good – we got new caps we immediately put to use. The next hurdle was de M1 North to Catterick. It was a slow drive due to a lot of people keeping in the right lane and driving at a safe but very slow speed. We also had to find out Dartford Crossing had modified there way of paying for the toll. Some online fiddling with Credit Cards solved that problem.
We made it to Catterick and got a room. We unpacked just a little bit and went to bed for some sleep and missed the safety briefing. There was also a pointless event happening before the start of the game but that is a different story with a sharp subject. I am not pointing fingers. It was 2300 and the game starts and we start on the thing we do best – observation behind enemy lines. For those who knows Catterick the route was 45 – 13 – 21 – trenches – 29 – the bridge – 31 until we got spotted by a lone player. The moment was already 0230 and we went back to base. There they gave us some down time we immediately took – coma time. Next morning we went out again – observation and intel gathering. So walked from building to building providing intel on who walking where and doing what. Good fun and we ended in a firefight when providing cover for the Police Station. Defending a building is quit easy so we could stay were we are. Some people forgot we were located in that building and also forgot to challenge us so we ended up in a blue on blue situation. Damn – healed all the wounded and continue the games. We observed a meeting in building 44 and were able to watch what was happening inside. Well, we could only see and not really know what was happening. Later we learned these were the elections for presidency and the new police force. The new police came out and demanded we handed over the Police Station which was denied. Next thing was to hand over a piece of paper in a proper manner – those who were delivering the paper had a blast in the middle of the field so the paper must have contained a ‘serious’ message.
Got called back to base and had a short moment of resting (coma again and that is when we really started to regret taking an early ferry). Next thing was an allout attack on building 44 and going into a big tower building with all the call-signs. It was just great doing a single attack on one building with all the people. Chaos was soon established and therefor we/NATA overlooked some rather important intel. These things can happen. We went to bed again because we were doing walking in a very ineffecient way. Next morning there was an allout sweep of the entire compound to try to get all the intel we needed. Somewhere during this sweep we got intel that Golden Run was in building 44 so all plans went overboard and was replaced with one single objective – get Golden Run out of building 44. Easier said then done but after some fearsome fighting we got into the building and captured Golden Run. Chaos went into overdrive – lots of shouting and we just rushed out of the building to our next objective. Get the president/Golden Run into a safe location. We started to secure this location with all forces. Good thing there are trenches and foxholes over there since mortars started to impact around us. Thanks to some nice coordination and the usual shouting (no radio needed) we maintained our position till Endex.
For us the game ended with the final briefing and then packing the car. After a short search we managed to retrieve the driver of the car blocking us (thank you Pointless/Shepard for making that happen) we could go back to home. After a good 4:30 drive we ended up in Dover. Bad us – we did that in one run. Next stop was the boat and a small patch ceremony for the two new members. They have survived Catterick even though it was partially for one of them. That guinness was fun to see him drink. He sure can make funny faces drinking. Due to medicine restrictions we had to buy some alcohol free “beer” for the other newbie. All in all I was back home just after midnight.

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Movie shot by one of the attendees over there to give you a visual idea what we have attended.
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Re: Verslag bezoek Stirling Airsoft - Operation Darkfire

Berichtdoor Rosencrantz » wo 03 mei 2017, 12:27

Stirling en Catterick klinken fantastisch. Hoop ik zeker nog een keer heen te gaan. Bedankt voor het posten!
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Re: Verslag bezoek Stirling Airsoft - Operation Darkfire

Berichtdoor Marcellus35ad » wo 03 mei 2017, 18:48

Filmpje ziet er gaaf uit.
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